Radius Infratel Pvt. Ltd.
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Radius Infratel Private Limited

Plot No. 13, Bansal Plaza,
3rd Floor, Dwarka Sector 6,
New Delhi-110075, India.

  1800 103 4489
Residents has greatly benefited from the NANOnet FTTH system. The system is able to give freedom to the residents and reduce the maintenance cost. I feel this system is a need of the hour.
Mr. Shishir Kant - ATS Infrastructure Ltd.

The entire concept of having a single hub for all information and data, telecom, home automation and building management as provided by Radius is state-of-the-art. It is easy to manage, effective and efficient, but also adds huge value to the township which is not only functional but furturistic. Therefore, our partnership with Radius embodies all the value that we as a developer stand for and aim to deliver.
Mr. Soumik Bandyopadhyay, Chief Executive Officer
- ATS Infrastructure Ltd.

Excellent concept providing a common access to subscribers from various operators and their services.
Mr. Kuldip Singh, CMD

Very impressive system. Partnership between telecom service providers and construction companies is required to ramp this up.
Mr. Rakesh Kumar, Vice President, Technical
- Bharti Airtel Telemedia Services

An excellent work done. Any service provider can provide the services first connecting at control room.
Mr. K. Sudhakar, Sr. GM (CNP)

The NANO model offered by Radius Infratel is a state of the art from a technology standpoint as anything I have seen elsewhere in the world. The design is clever, the reliability is ensured and service providers using that infrastructure retain full control of their provisioning and data flows.

From an economic standpoint, we are seeing more and more models emerge to try and avoid the costly duplication of physical infrastructure. Open access models such as NANO allow service providers to alleviate the risks associated with infrastructure deployment and benefit from competitive operational costs at the same time.
Mr Benoit Felton, CEO
- Diffraction Analysis

The NANO technology, pioneered by M/S Radius Infratel, will not only help in providing customers a complete freedom to choose their service providers for voice, data and video communications and a host of other value added services but also significantly reduce Capex by sharing highly capital intensive FTTH infrastructure. It’s a very welcome development which needs to be implemented extensively to cater to the exponentially growing demand of data and video traffic.
Kuldeep Goyal, Former Chairman & Managing Director
- Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited

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